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by young people wit▓h autism on World Autism Awareness Day, which fell on April 2.Fan Meiying was helping her 16-year-old son, who's a head taller than her, put on his costume and shoes b▓ackstage at a students activity center, at the Capital Normal University.The 43-year-old spoke softly and patiently to


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    e back of he▓r son's classroom.It's common that familie▓s lose a breadwinner as one of the parents gives up working to care for children

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    's▓ son started throwing more explosive tantrums upon reaching puberty. So, the family sent him to a special-ne▓eds school with courses

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    erns are shared by many such parents.Yang Zhonghao's parents sent him to a calligraphy-training agency in 2007 to ▓help the 23-year-old

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    nxiety that comes with his disorder.He became less irritable, and started winning regional and national prize▓s for his works."He often

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  • eizure▓s after age 18," recalls his mother, Qi Zhiying."He's an adult. But it's difficult for him to be i▓ndependent, to have a job and

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    enviro▓nments."She worries he may be injure▓d without his family's protection.She believes his ideal▓ job would be to run a calligraphy

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    home in the Inner Mongolia aut▓onomous region's Ordos.Such NGOs as the red-brick Autistic or Autistic Art studio in Beijing's 798 are a

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children and adult▓s with autism from around the countr▓y line the walls of the lobby. Bags, bottles and phone case▓s printed with the paintings line a shelf.▓"We help them sell the paintings and make creative products using their works," studio co-founder▓ Zhou Jing says."A big part of the mo▓ney goes directly to the

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m."The studio also offers free painting, music a